What are electric vehicles supposed to look like? Are they meant to be like current vehicles, only with a big battery instead of a gas-guzzling? Are they meant to be more sleek and futuristic, like Tesla? Or are they meant to be something completely new?

Famed designer Chris Bangle is banking on the latter. The designer’s REDS vehicle looks to completely alter the landscape for EV aesthetics and design.

“It’s controversial.”

Saying those two words is the easy part. Understanding *why* is the important part. Bangle’s vision for the vehicle is that it’s led by two things: that EVs provide new spacial layouts (with the motor not the focus), and that we should design vehicles around our needed space and not the ride. This is especially true with the autonomous future, but until then EVs will lead the charge.

From a design perspective, the vehicle’s aesthetic focuses on inverted angles and layers, meant to increase shadows that reduce heat, open up vertical space and allow upper body movement. Angles and contrasting bright colors highlight the design language.

In the interior, dynamic (and almost tectonic) angular forms continue, with an emphasis on horizontal lines. This widens the interior, especially for the intended use scenario when the driver’s seat rotates to face the passengers in the second row.

While it may stick out against everything on US roadways, it may fit in perfectly for China, which is its intended market, with the passenger at its center.

Bangle & team’s goal for this first prototype is to put it through extensive testing, with a hope to debut a production version in two years.