Elon Musk, Franz von Holzhausen and their team at Tesla have put together a bold vision for the future of semi trucks.

The Tesla Semi is an aerodynamic all-electric transport vehicle that could help fully usher in the electric era. Arguably, one of the main reasons that our highway system is the way it is and diesel engines are still around is because of the logistics industry, so a shift to voltage-powered big rigs would completely flip that on its head.

Whether that will happen is yet to be seen, and so we’re left to ogle what is an impressive next step.

During their event this week, Tesla revealed the details about their much-awaited Semi:

  • 500-mile range
  • 80,000 lb capacity
  • .36 drag
  • 4 electric motors
  • ability to recharge 400 miles in 30 minutes
  • 0-60 in 5 seconds

The vehicle itself manages to capture the Tesla styling with long, taut lines, wide surfaces, and soft slopes. The side profile’s feature line reminds us of an inverted Nike swoosh against a giant shoe. This is all wrapped by a giant face shield, much like something you’d find Samus Aran wearing in Metroid. It’s retro-futuristice, but undeniably Tesla.

With a 2019 release, several companies have already expressed interest and even ordered dozens.

The company also surprised the world with the reveal of an updated Roadster. The car, which is no longer the retro-fitted Lotus we all loved, has its own shape now, and — suffice it to say — it’s most definitely S3XY.

The car carries a 200kWh battery that lets drivers go from LA to San Fran without a recharge, ideal for Tesla’s offices. It can hit 0-60 in an astonishing 1.9 seconds, making even Porsches and Lambos weep. The $250k price tag will make wallets weep as well when it eventually arrives in 2020.