The Nissan IMx gives us a glimpse at the future of the company’s mobility plans. And they’re certainly bold!

Based on the Leaf, the CUV is all-electric and focused on pushing the envelope. While far-out designs are nothing new for the company, the IMx takes a more refined approach, incorporating textures and patterns to differentiate spaces and visuals aesthetics.

The form language is further along the edgy path that Nissan has been taking, with flanges and angles everywhere, akin to the fins of a shark. It looks ready to hunt, and with the red accents at the front “gills” it certainly feels like a predator.

The interior is where the magic is really happening. Nissan is emphasizing the link between “driver, society and technology” by shifting into a fully autonomous offering. Mixing materials and visually lightweighting the design opens up the space immensely.

There’s a steering wheel, sure, but it ducks out of the way when going into autonomous mode. Expect more concepts like this as Nissan develops its “Intelligent Mobility” company ideology.