How big of a deal is the new Jaguar F-Pace SUV? According to Design Chief Ian Callum, it’s THE BIGGEST.

In a new interview with Irish Times, Callum discusses why he believes the vehicle hits on all of the marks of a Jaguar:

We started shaping the roof line, and the various proportions of the car, until it looked as dramatic as it could do for an SUV. The biggest compliment I’ve had is when journalists look at it, and say’ ‘yes, it looks like a Jag, it feels like a Jag, it drives like a Jag. It must be a Jag!’ That’s what I wanted.”

With the brand growing in the US again, it took an SUV to make the next big push, something that although Jag hadn’t necessarily done before, they knew it would be a hit. And a big part of that was to keep the essence of Jaguar intact.

“From a design ethos, it’s evolutionary. Part of the reason for that is, if you look at the front of the car in particular, it looks like the rest of the family. I think if we put it off and did something completely different for the F-Pace, with no relationship to XF or XE, that connection would not be made.”

As for what drives decision-making at Jaguar for projects like this? Well, there’s one thing that Callum believes is most important:

“William Lyons, who of course is the founder of the company, would he approve?”

Read the full article over at IrishTimes.

Hat tip to James Henderson