When it first announced the Surface Studio, Microsoft raised the collective eyebrows of everyone in my Design office. The giant touch-screen all-in-one drawing tablet device looks beautiful, for one. It has the ability to pivot and adjust for those of us who like to stand while sketching — a god send — and can run all of the software we use to sketch, draw and create models efficiently.

It could be the best design tool to have arrived in a long time. Throw in the Dial, a sort of mini adaptable marking menu/favorites accessory, and the Surface Studio seems to have everything we need.

My only concern is that the majority of the pressure sensitivity relies on the pen accessory, a la Apple’s iPad Pen, which means that it’s not the truest of true interfaces. It could still put Wacom on ear though, since the 28″ Studio starts at $2999 for all-in-one and a similar Cintiq (27″ QHD touch) will run for $2799 as a standalone.

Either way, it’s encouraging to see app developers working on software for the Surface Studio, as you can see in the video above. This is perhaps going to be a device that any Design Studio will want to own.


You can read up more about the Surface Studio on Microsoft’s site while you make your decision.