Competition season is kicking into full gear (car puns, yay!) and website Humster3D is joining in on the fun, announcing the 2016 iteration of their Car Render Challenge.

Humster3D (or Hum3D for short) is a fantastic repository of automotive and vehicle models, featuring classic cars to modern concepts available for download in 3D CAD data. Their annual competition focuses on having designers, artists and surfacers submit images of a self-created 3D model, rendered in scenes with great lighting and environments. The competition leads to some truly awesome images — easily supplying us with desktop wallpaper for years — from professionals and students.

"Scarlet" by Christopher Nosek

“Scarlet” by Christopher Nosek

This year the site has a huge amount of sponsors and partners for the challenge, with prizes including licenses to amazing render & development software. Several entries are already up. The competition runs until November 29th, and can be entered through the Hum3D website. Good luck!

Source: Humster3D