Congratulations to Matt Gould for winning the Batmobile Design Competition’s International portion!  Matt created a classically-inspired Batmobile in 3D Studio Max, utilizing basic 3D construction techniques to capitalize on the sleek curves of vehicles in the early 1960s.  It’s very simple and elegant, like a rocket-ship on 4 wheels.  Perfect for hunting the speedy Catwoman!

Congrats to Matt, and THANK YOU to everyone who submitted, both from the US and internationally! Thanks to Dwayne Vance for judging the incredible amount of international entries!

Here are some of the entries that Dwayne wanted to highlight as great examples of Batmobiles, but that didn’t win the prize or were not eligible in the International category.

Honorable Mention: Yan Gostev

Honorable Mention: Matt Gould (Second Entry)

Honorable Mention: Tim Jester