Batmobile Design Competition: WINNER!Batmobile Design Competition: WINNER! Congratulations to Paul Denton for winning the Batmobile Design Competition!  Paul's rendering, seen above, captures that "bad ass" feel of the Dark Knight: it's moody, menacing, and full of drama. ...

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Batmobile Design Competition: WINNER!

Congratulations to Paul Denton for winning the Batmobile Design Competition!  Paul’s rendering, seen above, captures that “bad ass” feel of the Dark Knight: it’s moody, menacing, and full of drama.  The sketch technique is loose and intriguing, and the vehicle’s design is well-though out… It’s as if the car lurks in the shadows, stalking Batman’s prey.  The smoke emitting from the side exhaust, something that Denton had in his other two sketches, makes it almost seem like the Batmobile is smoking after a night of satisfactory Joker-murder.

It’s awesome, pure and simple.

Congrats to Paul, and THANK YOU to everyone who submitted!  It was an extremely tough decision, which took us right down to the final moments of the selection.  Thanks to Arvind from DrivenMavens for helping us select, and for Dwayne Vance, who is doing something a little special for our international entries (more on that in a later post).

Be sure to check out our International winner here: INTERNATIONAL WINNER

… and the rest of our entries: Set 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Finally, check out our sister site, SideQuesting, and their recent Light Cycle contest here: LIGHT CYCLE DESIGNS

Below you’ll find some of the Honorable Mentions that made our final decision so difficult. Congrats!



HONORABLE MENTION: Fernando Hernandez

Batman and the Batmobile are copyright DC Comics.  All entries are owned by the respective artists.  All official logos copyright DC Comics, Warner Bros, and other respective companies.

  • chris bednarczyk

    well done paul and the other winners seriously sweeet stuff! :) cant wait for the little something if the uk counts as an international entry?

  • Easter

    Dear CDF guys,

    Great… some of my favorite entries have got the mention.

    I’d appreciate it if you guys can upload comments on improvements and problems on the other entries that didn’t make the cut(On this website or on a personal note). Personally It’d be a great pointer for me to improve myself with small things like these…

  • Steve Brown aka spoggie

    Kongrats guys- well done!

    I must say, of all the contestants, Mahandar Singh’s entry is the one I’d most like to see go through it’s paces in a Batman movie. Dynamite!

  • Koen Balthazar

    Congrats for the winner, a great sketch with some nice attitude !

  • rickwitdamerc

    Well done all. I was simply blown away by the entry of Mr. Hernandez though. If you have to go deep, don’t be afraid to go alone.

  • Escort

    Leonardo Magana: Great car !

  • josh

    hey check out the 2016 lamborgeny car it hink it would work great

  • combustion turbine repair

    great job on all of them! Congrats to the winner Paul! Cool designs!

  • Phro

    JAJAJAJA el Bat-O
    cool n’ funny