It’s time for our fix of hot sketches! With SEMA coming up in just a few short weeks the OEMs, suppliers, and tuners have opened the flood gates of sketches in preparation for the show.

This week, we have sketches of a variety of flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Moose Tracks.  They include sketches and renderings on paper, in Photoshop, and in ALIAS.

So grab a spoon, dig into our bowl of non-fat (yet high calorie) goodness, and enjoy the eye-snacks!

To see the full gallery of images, click the link and read on!  But we’re warning you: they’re chunky… and not in that “extra helping of Rocky Road” kind of way.

Five Axis Lexus GS 460

Mr. Norm’s Super Challenger and Cuda

Mopar Underground Challenger Blacktop

Mopar Underground Ram Trucks

Ford CGS ReFlex

Images courtesy Autoblog, Jalopnik, Toyota, Ford, and Chrysler.