Batmobile Design Competition: WINNER!Batmobile Design Competition: WINNER! Congratulations to Paul Denton for winning the Batmobile Design Competition!  Paul's rendering, seen above, captures that "bad ass" feel of the Dark Knight: it's moody, menacing, and full of drama. ...

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CDF's Batmobile Design ContestCDF's Batmobile Design Contest CarDesignFetish knows that you like cool cars.  We also know that you like to sketch cool cars.  What happens when you put the two together?  A really cool design contest, that's what! We're...

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Dwayne Vance: Design and Render Vehicles Online Course (March 3)Dwayne Vance: Design and Render Vehicles Online Course... Superstar Designer/Artist (and friend of CDF) Dwayne Vance is hosting an online class for rendering vehicles in Photoshop and Painter.  This Thursday, March 3rd at 2PM EST (11PST) Dwayne will be hosting...

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Sketch P*rn: February EditionSketch P*rn: February Edition February is over, and that means more awesome sketches were released in the month.  Point your eyeballs here for great digital work from Volkswagen, pencil sketches from Renault, sketches over photos...

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How to Make Cute CarsHow to Make Cute Cars Cars that share the general traits of a baby’s face trigger the ‘Isn’t it cute’ response in consumers. The Fiat 500 is the latest in a long line of "cute cars."  So what is it about cars...

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Camilo Pardo announces NAIAS Designer Night 2016

DS 2016 Save The Date

Another year, another Designer Night during NAIAS.

This year’s event takes place on Monday, January 11, 2016 from 7-11PM at the Bankle Building in Detroit.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their Design of Media business card for entry.

See you there for some great networking!

Gran Turismo Sport announced, offers real-world prizes [Trailer]

With Forza taking all of the recent video game racing hype, we’ve waited patiently for any news of a new Gran Turismo. The last game, Gran Turismo 6, debuted on the Playstation 3 back in 2013 just as that console was nearing its twilight. It was a great game, but our hearts were already with the Playstation 4.

Finally, the series is making its long-awaited debut on the newest generation of Playstation. Gran Turismo Sport, announced by developers Polyphony Digital at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference, is set to arrive sometime in 2016 for the console. The trailer debuted with an assortment of road and track Audis, Mercedes, and Mazdas, exteriors and interiors, realistic tracks and amazing visuals, but Polyphony has revealed some things that could be much more compelling of an inclusion for the series. Continue Reading

August 23-29 #SketchBattle: Star Wars Cars


We’ve renamed our HotSketch community sketch-off into SketchBattle, and with it comes our second event!

We’re excited about Star Wars, and we know you are, so this week we’re asking you to sketch out a car themed after your favorite Star Wars characters! Tweet them at us (@CarDesignFetish) with the hashtag #SketchBattle or post them in the comments below, and we’ll add them to our gallery.

Have fun!

*Not affiliated with Star Wars, Disney, Lucasfilm, Hot Wheels or anyone else.

HotSketch community gallery 19 August: Hot Rods

Ian Bass

Last week we announced that we’d be starting a weekly sketch battle/community sketch-off online, for fun. Our first topic was “Hot Rods.” Though we *just* started this recurring feature, we’re already getting a ton of sketches pouring in! So much so that we’ve extended it to Friday (tomorrow) so that we can kick off the next topic on Saturday morning. Continue Reading

Announcing: Our weekly HotSketch community showcase!


Hey fellow Designers and Artists! We’re starting a fun weekly car sketch showcase, where we give you a car topic and you sketch it! We’ll tweet/retweet the best entries (follow us on Twitter @ CarDesignFetish), share them to our Facebook page and post on the main CDF website! Interested?

The first car sketch topic, due on Tuesday August 18, is: HOT RODS!

Sketch out a cool hot rod, any kind, and tweet it to us or post it through a reply under this post! And use the hashtag ‪#‎HotSketch‬ on social media!


Review: The Big Bad World of Concept Art for Video Games (book)

There are generally two types of concept art books: Portfolios (collections of one or a few people’s work) or “Art Of” books that detail the creation of a movie or game. Both are terrific too look at, usually filled with tons of eye candy that make our creative sides drool. They showcase the end of the work, really; these are completed pieces.

But how do we get to there? How do we create this kind of art? It’s one thing to get inspired, but what do we do with that inspiration?

Eliott Lilly might have that answer. His latest book, The Big Bad World of Concept Art for Video Games, is an incredible starting point for those interested in the profession. It’s not only a collection of great artwork, tips and stories, it’s also quite possibly my favorite art book of the last decade.

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Retro-Future: Ford shows us what car design is in this classic 1960’s video

“Styling and the Experimental Car” is the title of this great video from the 1960’s detailing how Ford developed vehicles in the first half of the 20th Century, leading up to the creation of the Mustang.

Grab the popcorn!

Motor City Masters Episode 1 Recap & Chat

Photographer: Adam Rose Contestants arrive and

Photographer: Adam Rose

We’ve been following Motor City Masters since we first got word late last year that the show was taking place. A television series about car designers? Yes, please!

Well, tonight the show finally debuted and we watched! Continue Reading

New reality show Revved Up looking to star car designers and customizers

Revved Up TV Show
As Industrial Designers, we’re always looking for exposure for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to look for a career change, expand our connections, or just to keep our name in the ears (and eyes) of our colleagues, we find ways to push ourselves in our growing community. Websites, car magazines, and social media seem to be the method du jour.

Very few times will that push include television. We have an incredibly strenuous, demanding, and often chaotic profession that most casual car buyers don’t know enough about.

Luckily, the folks behind stellar shows like “Project Runway” — one of my personal favorites — “The Real World” and “Rebel Billionaire” are looking to help designers take that natural next step. Their upcoming new show, “Revved Up”, is searching for the next star designer or car customizer. Continue Reading

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