Batmobile Design Competition: WINNER!Batmobile Design Competition: WINNER! Congratulations to Paul Denton for winning the Batmobile Design Competition!  Paul's rendering, seen above, captures that "bad ass" feel of the Dark Knight: it's moody, menacing, and full of drama. ...

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CDF's Batmobile Design ContestCDF's Batmobile Design Contest CarDesignFetish knows that you like cool cars.  We also know that you like to sketch cool cars.  What happens when you put the two together?  A really cool design contest, that's what! We're...

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Dwayne Vance: Design and Render Vehicles Online Course (March 3)Dwayne Vance: Design and Render Vehicles Online Course... Superstar Designer/Artist (and friend of CDF) Dwayne Vance is hosting an online class for rendering vehicles in Photoshop and Painter.  This Thursday, March 3rd at 2PM EST (11PST) Dwayne will be hosting...

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Sketch P*rn: February EditionSketch P*rn: February Edition February is over, and that means more awesome sketches were released in the month.  Point your eyeballs here for great digital work from Volkswagen, pencil sketches from Renault, sketches over photos...

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How to Make Cute CarsHow to Make Cute Cars Cars that share the general traits of a baby’s face trigger the ‘Isn’t it cute’ response in consumers. The Fiat 500 is the latest in a long line of "cute cars."  So what is it about cars...

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Motor City Masters Episode 1 Recap & Chat

Photographer: Adam Rose Contestants arrive and

Photographer: Adam Rose

We’ve been following Motor City Masters since we first got word late last year that the show was taking place. A television series about car designers? Yes, please!

Well, tonight the show finally debuted and we watched! Continue Reading

New reality show Revved Up looking to star car designers and customizers

Revved Up TV Show
As Industrial Designers, we’re always looking for exposure for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to look for a career change, expand our connections, or just to keep our name in the ears (and eyes) of our colleagues, we find ways to push ourselves in our growing community. Websites, car magazines, and social media seem to be the method du jour.

Very few times will that push include television. We have an incredibly strenuous, demanding, and often chaotic profession that most casual car buyers don’t know enough about.

Luckily, the folks behind stellar shows like “Project Runway” — one of my personal favorites — “The Real World” and “Rebel Billionaire” are looking to help designers take that natural next step. Their upcoming new show, “Revved Up”, is searching for the next star designer or car customizer. Continue Reading

Guess Who’s Back?


So Long, and Thanks!

It’s been over 5 years, but it’s time to say “Good Bye”.

Our time at CDF has been incredible, but the busy lifestyles we lead as husbands, fathers, and designers has us re-prioritizing… in a good way.

Please keep up to date with us, as we always have new projects going.





Good Bye!

I DRAW CARS, and so can you!

We’re super excited by this new book from designers Matt Morocco and Adam Hubers, recent CCS graduates and full-time product and automotive designers. Youth energy is awesome, and these dudes are harnessing it to the fullest, taking a pet project and placing it on Kickstarter. And you know what? They’ve already blown past their initial monetary goal, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking it up and supporting the duo.

The book is the kind that every designer has been waiting for, professional or student. It teaches the absolute necessary basics for car design. Literally, it WILL make you a better car designer — nothing beats the basics, after all. From perspective and looseness to tight sketches, the book gets it all jammed in there.

Stop what you’re doing, support these guys, and get the book here on Kickstarter.


Renault 4 EVER International Design Competition


Renault in collaboration with Designboom are giving you the opportunity
to re-design the Renault 4.

Participation is open to to applicants from every country in the world,
to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts – free registration is required.

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SideQuesting’s Video Game Hot Rod Design Contest

What would Master Chief’s hot rod look like? and concept designer/automotive designer Dwayne Vance, of Future Elements, are announcing a new art & design contest for the hot rod fan in all of us!

Starting April 26th, artists and designers are encouraged to create a videogame- or futuristic-themed hot rod using whatever means they have.  Sketches, renderings, and models are all welcome, and will all be rated equally.

The contest brings together art, design, automobiles, and interactive entertainment.  What would a hot rod for Master Chief look like?  How about a hot rod for Final Fantasy?  The choice is yours, so be creative!

The overall winning entry receives a copy of Dwayne’s newest book, The Hot Rod Art Book: Masters of Chicken Scratch Volume 2, two signed limited edition prints, and a limited t-shirt.  Second and third place entries will receive limited-edition prints from the book.  All entries will be compiled in a gallery and featured on

Full rules & inspiration below, and please visit and support Dwayne’s book on!

Future Elements | Masters of Chicken Scratch | SideQuesting’s Interview with Dwayne Vance | Full Contest Rules Here at SideQuesting

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Designer Updates Pontiac Solstice

What would a possible next-generation Pontiac Solstice look like?  Well, had the company stuck around, Macedonian designer Dejan Hristov’s aggressive version might be ready for show rooms.  Hristov created a sexy convertible that would look great not only as a concept car, but maybe even in the latest Transformers flick.

Hristov melded sculptural form language with Pontiac heritage, updating the now famous “nostrils” of the brand but maintaining the proportions that it is known for.  If the last Solstice was a little too soft or curvacious for your tastes, then this update might be manly enough for you.

You can follow Hristov at his DeviantArt page at:

Thanks, Dejan!

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Local Motors Launches Terra Prix 2085 Contest


Our friends at Local Motors have their new competition up! Terra Prix is “a Concept Art Design competition that will challenge the imagination of designers and celebrate great conceptual design.”  The competition is Local Motors’ first to be judged by a panel.  The panel includes Scott Robertson, Daniel Simon, Syd Mead, and more legendary designers!

Enter now at Local Motors. The submission deadline is June 7th at 11:59PM

Full press release follows below

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[Tutorial] Bricklin SV1 on Canson

Click onto the image above to see a 20 step tutorial for this Bricklin SV1.  More tutorials can be viewed on the Old School Viscom Facebook page.